In August of 2016, my husband, four children, and I moved from small town Colorado to small town Denmark.  Rather than coddling our children with an English-speaking International School ;), we will be throwing them into the Danish public school system.  Oh, and my husband will be starting a new job :p.   Like many Expats before me, I feel the compulsion to blog about this new and exciting adventure:  beginning life in a new country, attempting to fit in and make friends, traveling the continent, and last but not least, learning Danish.  I tend to find interesting any observations of differences in custom or habit, however minute, so these I will make note of as well, i.e. “Danish bread is denser than American bread you say? Why how fascinating!”   In addition I will focus particularly on Danish education systems and their comparison to the current US model.  And of course, with four children, I’m sure there will be plenty of hilarious hi-jinks to share as we attempt to navigate these new Scandinavian waters.