In August of 2016 my husband, four children, and I will be moving from small town Colorado to small town Denmark.  We will also be becoming minimalist, leaving almost all of our possessions behind and downsizing to European-style living.  Rather than coddling our children with an English-speaking International School ;), we will be throwing them into the Danish public school system where they will begin their experience in a language acquisition program composed mostly of Syrian refugee children.  Oh, and my husband will be starting a new job :p.   Like many Expats before me, I feel the compulsion to blog about this new and exciting adventure:  beginning life in a new country, attempting to fit in and make friends, traveling the continent, and last but not least, learning Danish.  I tend to find interesting any observations of differences in custom or habit, however minute, so these I will make note of as well, i.e. “Danish bread is denser than American bread you say? Why how fascinating!”   In addition I will focus particularly on Danish education systems and their comparison to the current US model.  And of course, with four children ages nine, six, four, and one, I’m sure there will be plenty of hilarious hi-jinks to share as we attempt to navigate these new Scandinavian waters.